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Saja is summoned back home to the province of Quabeca, and is to be forced into a marriage with Prince Basil Al-Qadir.

But Saja is not interested in marriage, even if her betrothed is extremely attractive and wealthy. The Prince has the jawline of a Greek god, is strikingly tall and his muscular figure would intimidate most, but not Saja. After meeting the man for only two minutes she already hates him. He is controlling, argumentative and insufferably arrogant, yet, his dark broody eyes hold an intensity that Saja struggles to pull back from.

Prince Al-Qadir has never met a woman like Saja; she is almost from a different species. She wears improper clothing, behaves inappropriately, and has no traditional values. And she does not fear him. In fact, her temper often flares around him. She needs taming, yet he can't help but notice the feeling that surfaces in his groin when she is around, and the loneliness he feels when she isn't.

Until he has tamed her, he refuses to let her go. But this may be a game he loses, and the Prince never loses.

July 30
Leslie North
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

68jiggy ,


When two hot-tempered individuals meet you can bet sparks are going to fly. But that's exactly what happens when Saha- the illegitimate daughter of Sheik Tamar and Prince Basil are betrothed. Slowly after the embers are smoldering something happens and love overturns flaring tempers!!!

PSemones ,

Good story line

I liked the story but confused of all the misspelled words. I am really confused of who is Macee. When Basil and Saja first have sex instead of Saja it’s Macee. I stopped buying from the author because of all the misspelled words and grammar errors. I’m just wondering why the editor isn’t fired. I will have to say this wasn’t worth what I paid.

Aurtrivic ,

The sheik's furious prisoner

Loved the intensity of the characters, super good read.
Amanda S.

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