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The Great War is eight years past, but for dashing war hero Mitch Pembroke the Roaring Twenties is proving to hide many more dangers than he ever found in the skies of France. Wherever he travels, trouble seems to lie in wait for him. And this time his boxer-turned-bodyguard friend, Kit Moran, might not be able to get him out again. The Shore and Other Stories is the third volume of a series that blurs the line between historical fiction and dark fantasy. It's two short stories and a short novel:

Wealthy playboy and confirmed bachelor, Mitch Pembroke, has finally run out of room to run. His parents have maneuvered him onto a transatlantic cruise with Jenny Lee Danforth, the lovely heiress to a business they wish to merge with their own Pembroke Steel. But while the enchanting Jenny Lee is making Mitch reconsider the desirability of being single, someone else is going to great lengths to keep him that way—especially if it kills him.

The Shore
Millionaire's son, Mitch Pembroke, was hoping to spend a relaxing week on the Jersey Shore with his fiancé, Jenny Lee Danforth, and his friend and bodyguard, Kit Moran. He was not expecting an old war buddy to die tragically or one of his fiancé’s friends to disappear under mysterious circumstances. Now Mitch, Jenny Lee and Kit must find out why people are dying or risk becoming three more victims of the Shore.

A year ago, Lorali Sinclair broke Mitch Pembroke’s heart when she took her son from a previous relationship and deserted him. Now Lorali has had second thoughts and she isn’t at all happy to learn that Mitch has moved on with his life. She’s decided she wants him back—even if she has to kill his new fiancé to get him.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 8
Gilbert M. Stack
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