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I was kidnapped. I thought they were taking me somewhere to kill me, but they didn’t. They made me fall asleep, and when I woke up, I was surrounded by beautiful naked women. They congratulated me for being the newest cast member on The Show, a 24/7 erotic program viewed only by the rich and powerful. I started to devise an escape plan, but I began to enjoy the attention I was getting. Being the new girl equals better tips, which meant everyone wanted to f**k me.

Then Miles showed up, and everything changed.

The Show is an erotic thriller series intended for mature (18+) audience’s only. It contains M/F and F/F sexual activity, and strong language.

Fiction & Literature
January 27
Jalynn Ford
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Steph11797 ,

Absolutely Marvelous

I absolutely loved the book it gave me a tingling sensation through out the whole time reading it and it made me want more it also was very descriptive and well written you could just tell it took a lot of work and hard effort to write!

Bad seed the dawn ask your mom ,

I Love your book

I've read this book just today for the very first time and I think that It has a very well written book at first I wasn't sure because of the cover I assumed it was going to be more of fantasy type of book full of glamor but , I was caught totally by surprised and actually loved this book please let me know when you come out with a part 2 I would love to read it