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Award-winning novelist and cult favorite Graham Joyce transports readers to a mysterious world of isolation and fear with a hypnotically dark story about a young couple trapped by an avalanche in the remote French Pyrenees. . . a daring and powerful novel about love, loss, and rebirth.

In the French Pyrenees, a young married couple is buried under a flash avalanche while skiing. Miraculously, Jake and Zoe dig their way out from under the snow—only to discover the world they knew has been overtaken by an eerie and absolute silence. Their hotel is devoid of another living soul. Cell phones and land lines are cut off. An evacuation as sudden and thorough as this leaves Jake and Zoe to face a terrifying situation alone. They are trapped by the storm, completely isolated, with another catastrophic avalanche threatening to bury them alive . . . again. And as the couple begin to witness unset­tling events neither one can ignore, they are forced to con­front a frightening truth about the silent land they now inhabit.

Award-winning author Graham Joyce has written a mysteri­ous masterpiece, a tour de force that will thrill fans of Peter Straub and the hit television show Lost.

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 29
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Robrook ,


I am always on the lookout for an engaging novel that is hard to put down. They are getting harder and harder to find with the influx of mindless tomes that seem to be inundating the market place these days, especially now that book publication has become so easy to have done. I like to find a good book on my own, however, this time I read a short review on this one by Steven King, so I thought I would give it a try. The price was reasonable too! That ALWAYS helps! The story immediately pulls you in, and moves right along. Fortunately the story is not too drawn out. I had an idea of what was happening about a quarter of the way through, but the author cloaked reality just enough so I remained intrigued and wanted to read on. I was sad when the tale ended. The ending was quite good, and not vague, or completely unbelievable like many of Mr. Kings books, but I was down because I wanted there to be more to read! It is not an original story line, but it is an original way to tell it and a thoroughly enjoyable book to read.

Lbkimbles ,

The Silent Land

Wonderful book that will keep you reading all night. great storyline and well worth the money. If Stephen King likes it, you know it is worth the time and enough said!

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