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She’s in love with a human. She’s bound by an ancient secret. 

And she’s toying with a dangerous power.

Lilly is on a mission to save the boy she loves and she has the right blood pulsing through her veins to do it. Her Great-grandfather was much more than an eccentric Scholar, he was a Source-blessed genius guarding a world-altering secret. Magical symbols inside his manuscript have lay dormant for a hundred years, just waiting for Lilly to find, and now she will do whatever it takes to decode their secrets and bring Jay to her world. 

Stubborn, single-minded, and seemingly kissed by fate, she won’t be stopped by the cosmic veil separating their worlds or the strange changes plaguing her go-lite heart. But as Jay struggles against the dark nightmares of his past, he is harbouring secrets of his own. Christian has seen an ominous vision of the future but is honour-bound and powerless to change it. And the city of Citrine is straining under the force of an unknown power that is tipping the balance of their world. Lives will be lost, friendships will be broken, dreams will unravel, and Lilly will have to face a terrible question: Was everything she had believed in and given her heart to a lie?

Worlds, hearts and desires will collide in this spell-binding sequel to The Guardian’s Heart.

The Silver Cord is the second instalment in Gabriel Lea's YA fantasy romance series, The Lost Souls. A story of forbidden love between an angelic girl and a broken human boy, The Silver Cord explores the self-doubts and fears that go hand in hand with being human and questions how far we should go for the ones we love. 

Young Adult
January 29
Gabriel Lea
Leanne Condon

Customer Reviews

SamB.xoxo ,

A Warm hug for your Brain

I loved the first book in this series, and I really love this one as well but the vibe was very different for me and that is why I gave it a 4 star instead of 5.

This instalment is so important for Lily. She encountered some huge personal challenges revolving around herself, her Go-Lite friends, and of course her human boyfriend Jay. It was really Lily's book, and her struggles really compromise her positive and hopeful spirit. Again, it was a crucial part of her story, and I enjoyed seeing her face the challenge but it was a bit different from my super uplifting experience of book 1.

You learn a ton about the Go-Lite way of life in The Silver Cord. A lot of questions I never realized I had are answered, and you can really feel the thought and detail work that Gabriel put into her world. The descriptions of the setting are lush and magical, as always, and paint such lovely vivid pictures of Lily's world. Some of the hidden and more archaic aspects of Go-Lite society also come to the forefront in this book, which I found fascinating.

I can't wait to see where the story goes in the book 3, and I'm really looking forward to going on the rest of this journey with Lily. I think the lessons, and realizations she has in book 2 will make for some truly epic moments in future books. If you need a book that reads like a warm hug for your brain, this is the series for you. It acknowledges the darker sides of life, but really focuses on celebrating the things you can do to make your world a better and more beautiful place.

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