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1920's London. Share tears and triumphs as four friends join forces in a heart-warming struggle to turn adversity into opportunity. Will a secret ruin everything?

Shortlisted in the Historical Romance category of the Romantic Novel Awards 2019.

Falsely accused of stealing and with problems at home, best friends, Grace, Jenny, Lydia and Ruth move to London to try to rebuild their shattered lives.

Money is tight and with no references to help them their new lives are fraught with difficulty. But the girls are fighters and when Ruth's Aunt Vera leaves her a rather special car as an inheritance they set up in business as lady chauffeurs.

Can 'Silver Ladies' succeed when some men think driving is a man's world? Can the friends find happiness too? Or will one girl's secret ruin everything?

Full of warmth and struggle, this is a perfect read for fans of Elaine Everest and Daisy Styles.

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July 1
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Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Enjoyable historical novel

The Silver Ladies of London by Lesley Eames sweeps readers back in time to 1923. Ruth Turner is returning to her employer’s home of Arleigh Court after a surprising meeting. Unfortunately, the day quickly takes a downturn when Ruth along with her three friends are accused of stealing Mrs. Arleigh’s necklace and dismissed without references. Unable to find employment in their town because of the accusations of thievery, Ruth comes up with a plan. She inherited some funds along with a carriage house in London from her aunt. This will allow them to start over away from the stigma. In the carriage house they find a gorgeous and rare Silver Ghost Rolls Royce. They come up with the plan to open a car for hire service called the Silver Ladies. With their combined talents, anything is possible especially if they are willing to work hard to achieve their goal. The business soon takes off, their friendship is stronger than ever, and the girls have found romantic partners. But soon all they hold dear is threatened from a dangerous menace. How will they overcome this obstacle?

The Silver Ladies of London is well-written and engaging. The four main characters of Ruth, Jenny, Lydia and Grace are just delightful. I liked seeing the four ladies develop over the course of the book. The author took the time to flesh out each character and bring them to life. Each one of them has their own talents, weaknesses and secrets. I enjoyed the descriptions of London, the hairstyles and fashions, and the gorgeous Rolls Royce. There is plenty of action going on in the book that moves the book forward. There is a slow spell in the middle, but then the pace picks up once again. The Silver Ladies of London has a unique premise with four women starting up a car for hire service in the 1920s in London. They were brave to embark into business a male dominated world. I was happy to see all the storylines wrapped up at the end of the book and I appreciated the epilogue (it will have you smiling). I am giving The Silver Ladies of London 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it). The Silver Ladies of London is a charming, historical novel with a sweet, happy ending.

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