The Simplest Path to Personal and Planetary Awakening: Free Your Mind

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“Anyone can do this. Spiritual awakening, in Jack Preston King's view, may be hard work, but it is not complicated work. The path to enlightenment is really rather shockingly simple. Fall out of love with the dream. Reclaim your psychic energy. Wake up to reality.” – Adam Clark, book reviewer,

The entire universe, the earth, our own bodies are constructed of nothing but reality, and so, by rights, we ought to experience truth directly and be in touch with reality as it is at all times, as a simple consequence of being real creatures embedded in an objectively real world. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead, if we bother to concern ourselves with such things at all, we must sweat and work and struggle to catch the tiniest glimpse of anything real beyond the self-centered maelstrom of illusion that defines and engulfs our ordinary, daily lives.

One big reason this is so is that the vast majority of methods by which we have been taught by society, education, religion, etc. to look at the reality around and within ourselves are surreptitiously designed to obscure truth, rather than to reveal it. We don’t like to think that’s what’s happening, that we’ve been bamboozled, but that’s the truth of it. This fundamental perceptual problem is no accident. The chief goal of The Simplest Path is to clarify the mechanism allowing this core psychic deception to operate with impunity in our lives, and to provide practical tools for breaking its power to control our minds.

Life is but a dream – a hypnotic dream from which we must choose to awaken if we wish to achieve true personal freedom, see global transformation occur in our lifetimes, and reclaim our ultimate cosmic destiny as human beings.

This book contains keys to awakening. Awakening from our personal dream frees us to fluidly craft our personalities, environments, relationships, careers, etc. as an artist paints a landscape or a sculptor teases form from formless clay. All of us awakening together from the shared dream of the planet will mark the birth of our species out of our current global nightmare of decline into a limitless future literally beyond our present ability to imagine, even in our "wildest dreams," indeed.

Health, Mind & Body
October 14
New Paradigm Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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