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He thought making me pay was the answer.

But he has just as much blood on his hands as I do.

After seven years, Luther Evans came back for me.

He tore my life apart piece by piece, set on evening the score for what I’d done to his sister.

But I had a weapon of my own—the truth, which revealed that Luther isn’t as innocent as he believes he is.

His violence planted a seed of hate.

His callousness pushed me into the same darkness that dwelled inside of him.

And now, I was his perfect little monster to carry out the new part of his plan.

In order to save my own life, I had to make a blood sacrifice.

But I also had a hit list of my own.

The streets of Miami will be stained with blood by the time this is over—and no one would be safe.

Including him.

May 24
Ember Michaels
Crashing Waves Press

Customer Reviews

CarlyJay6891 ,

Worth the wait!

Plot Twist!!
Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2021
This book was so worth the long wait because where Ember Micheals took these characters .. I have no words except for it was nowhere near what I thought the story was going to play out as.

In The Sins of Luther, we go back in time in many points of the story to see how the relationship of Luther and Sevyn played out before the suicide of Luther’s sister.
There are so many layers to their background that you start switching gears on your opinions of these two characters. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone back-and-forth between loving, hating, and feeling empathetic towards Luther and Sevyn.
Their relationship is back-and-forth. I don’t even know how to explain these to except they are toxic for each other but there’s just something that neither one can let each other go.

“ I was comparing our relationship to that of Romeo and Juliet. We snuck around, fell in love, and our relationship ended in tragedy.“
“Everything around us burned to ashes, anger, hate, and guilt pulling us further and further apart until there was nothing left but a vengeance in pain.”

With Luther having so much stress on his shoulders he made a huge mistake that ultimately made The Collective and the Vengeance of Brotherhood question Luthers sanity.
The book definitely leaves off with us begging for more answers but I’m so happy that the author turned this into a trilogy! It’s an ending that I’m content with because tables have definitely turned. Plots have been twisted. And I will be impatiently waiting for the third book!

Travelqueen77 ,

Well written but no 3rd book!

How is this going to end with a cliffhanger and the 3rd book was taken off of preorder? For that I have it four stars. Seriously, I hate authors who are flaky.

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