The Smile Team

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This early chapter explores how children at a young age can learn organizational skills, leadership, and teamwork. It emphasizes that the best results in large projects can often be achieved by a team of specialists—at home, at work, at school, and in all walks of life. 

  Holly asks her parents if she can host a surprise party and talent show for her bother Jake’s graduation. Mom and Dad are reluctant to say yes, but for different reasons. Dad is concerned about the repair work the house needs. Mom is uncomfortable with her smile. Holly wants to do a song and dance with her at the party, but Mom feels shy about performing in front of people.

  When Mom sees Holly cover her mouth with her hand, she realizes Holly has learned this habit from her. She decides it’s time for both of them to do something to boost their self-confidence.

  Mom gets a checkup and learns there are two ways to improve her smile. One way will be quick and easy, but won’t correct her underlying problems. The other way will take longer and will involve a team of specialists. But the results will last forever.


Mom isn’t sure which choice to make, but when she sees a team of construction specialists coming into their house to do the home improvements, she realizes that sometimes it takes a team of specially trained people to produce the best results.


Will Mom decide to get her smile fixed the “team” way, even if it means the work won’t be finished in time for Jake’s party? Will Mom and Holly perform together at the party? Will the party be a big surprise and a big success?


As Holly and her mother answer these questions, they learn that many big projects—including throwing a party—go better with teamwork and cooperation... and patience.


April 25
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