The Songwriting Secrets of the Beatles

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From humble beginnings in murky, Liverpool clubs in the early sixties, four songwriters emerged who would change the course of popular music forever: The Beatles. Within only a decade they created an arsenal of songs which set the template for all popular music that followed, and, over half a century later, their music still beats with the same vitality, pangs with the same melancholy and grips with the same fervour.

How is this possible? What mystical components were fused to create these extraordinary emotions? Why are they still so influential today?

The Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles sets out to answer these questions. Chord sequences, melodies, harmonies, rhythms and structures are all examined in a clear and readable style, unlocking the musical secrets within - not just for advanced musicians, but anyone who has ever felt the power of these songs for themselves.

Printed music and lyrics feature within the text and in this Omnibus Enhanced digital edition, audio tracks accompany many of these examples, allowing rhythms, melodies and instrumentations to jump directly out from the pages.

The Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles is essential for any musician who has marvelled at The Beatles creative intelligence; a new and perceptive analysis of both the most enduring and captivating songs of our age.

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Customer Reviews

mistadavek ,


Without question the single best study of the songwriting of the Beatles. This should be a mandatory read for every songwriter on the planet. Highly recommended

Roberta Linda ,

Great book, low image resolution

This is a great book with everything I want. But something is bothering me because this E edition does not have high resolution images in it. When I zoom in, the images seem blurry. This happens on my iPhone, I can't imagine it won't happen on my iPad. Please use retina level high resolution images to replace the current ones. If this is done, I'll definitely change to a five star comment.

Steve McNamara ,

A fantastic resource for songwriters

I have this in hard copy and it the best book (among many I have read) about songwriting theory. It's discussion of Modes was very enlightening. I understand this book might be very hard to find now in hard copy, so at least get an electronic version.