The Soul of Uncertainty

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More than ever we live in a time of uncertainty. The Soul of Uncertainty explores our relationship to uncertainty. Do we approach it with fear and apprehension, or containing the seeds of adventure, excitement and wonder?

In the manner of The Alchemist, The Soul of Uncertainty is an inspiring fable that shows the human experience of life in all its ups and downs, forgetting’s and remembering’s, on a journey of spiritual adventure.

A young man, Buddy, just setting out in life encounters a mysterious ‘modern day mystic’, Mervin, who promises to help him tap into magical powers inside himself to attain a sense of inner freedom, joy, deep intimacy, and his soul’s purpose.

As Buddy encounters situations and people along the way, he leans on the powerful tools and lessons Mervin continues to teach him, including the Magical Playground, the Rainbow Effect and the Movie of Your Life.

Buddy’s is initiated into the mysteries of love and romance, becomes a father, and discovers what he thinks is his life’s work.

Finally, after suffering a tremendous loss, Buddy is surprised when Mervin meets him once more, this time with a journal retrieved from a shaman in Peru. It is in this meeting when Mervin passes the torch to Buddy with instructions to share its message with others. It is in sharing the work that Buddy discovers his soul’s purpose.

“... a tale of a wanderer’s inner awakenings ... thanks to the author’s easy, inviting prose, readers should find themselves rewarded.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“A revelation! A wake-up call! Most all of us are looking for deeper meaning. The Soul of Uncertainty lifts up the human spirit and becomes your guide on an empowering journey of self-discovery.” —TEMPLE HAYES, Difference-maker, International Speaker, Author, When Did You Die?

Fiction & Literature
April 21
Mark Susnow
Draft2Digital, LLC

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