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Welcome to Space Lore, where Arthurian legend meets Star Wars. Epic science fiction will never be the same.

You can now get the second trilogy of Space Lore books (volumes 4-6) all in one master edition. Each book will transport you to a world that combines mythology with Sci Fi action and adventure.

See why critics have said:

"Dietzel proves a master at swashbuckling space opera." Kirkus

"Great characters, great action, great plot...get this book!" Moderator of the largest Star Wars fan group on Facebook

"An amazing sci-fi journey into fun. A must read for galactic war sci-fi readers." The Full-Time Book Reviewer

"Stirring sci-fi action that should appeal to fans who applaud the introduction "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away."" Kirkus Reviews

"An absolutely wonderful Sci-Fi adventure." The Quilting Tangent

"Nothing in this tale was disappointing, from the great world building, to the vivid battle scenes, to the depth and heart of the central characters." Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

Lancelot - Space Lore IV - In the years since the Round Table was formed, a campaign began to spread its message throughout the galaxy. Most planets willingly join, but others are hesitant. Deep inside the Cartha sector, the course of history will forever be altered, not only because the Carthagens are a cunning and deadly species unlike anything the Round Table forces have met before, but because they are led by Lancelot, renowned as the greatest warrior in all of the galaxy.

The Sword In The Stone - Space Lore V - The warlord Arc-Mi-Die continues to throw the galaxy into chaos with his unique brand of crazed attacks. A warrior, shrouded in mystery, goes in search of the deadly lunatic. Back on Edsall Dark, Julian Reiser returns as a hero. He is even given the legendary Sword in the Stone. It is said that whoever possesses the sword will be the next great ruler. However, some people understand that the purpose of the Round Table was to do away with such leaders. Will General Reiser help bring about the change that the Round Table sorely needs or will he become the next galactic emperor?

Avalon - Space Lore VI - The Round Table is on the brink of civil war. Meanwhile, the Hannibal and their enormous Juggernaut continue their march across space. Nothing can stop them. It's up to Lancelot to do what no one else can: defeat the approaching enemy once and for all. But to do so she will have to unite a band of the galaxy's most feared warriors, all of whom want to kill each other.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 6
Chris Dietzel
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