The Special Ministries of Women: Pro-Headcovering, Pro-Remarriage in 1 Corinthians 11, Song of Solomon, and Jesus’ Teaching on Divorce

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God uniquely created women for special ministries to the Lord, their families, their churches, and society. These ministries include submission, modesty, quietness, affection, and chastity. Such services women render to the Lord are like the precious ointment Mary of Bethany poured on the head and feet of Jesus. Women have performed some of the greatest spiritual works of all time. Only a woman believed Jesus when he said he was going to die, and anointed him for his burial (Mt. 26:12-13). And only a woman was given the privilege, of not merely of being the first to see Jesus after his resurrection, but of seeing him even before he ascended to the Father (Jn. 20:16-18).

The first section of this book covers the Headcovering of 1 Corinthians 11, a church meeting observance, like the Lord’s Supper in the same chapter, that God gave the church through the apostles to keep the church different from the world in regards to authority structures and gender roles, during this age of apostacy and rebellion when “the mystery of lawlessness is already at work,” 2 Thess. 2:7.

The second section is about the the Song of Solomon, God’s engagement, marriage, and lovemaking manual, that he gave us in the Bible because marriage and love-making are so important to him, our creator. The Song of Solomon is the only book in the Bible written entirely from a woman’s perspective, including even her thoughts by inspiration of the Spirit of God, though it was written by her husband. I present her story in the form of a play, adding a few comments, but mostly just helping the reader understand each scene and who is speaking.

The third section is about the one-flesh union and its implications for chastity, adultery, polygamy, divorce, and remarriage. Egalitarianism has made people misunderstand the one-flesh union, the Biblical definition of adultery, and polygamy; which has made people misinterpret Jesus’ statements about divorce and remarriage; which has resulted in untold amounts of suffering over the centuries. A recurring theme of this book is that modern, egalitarian Bible teachers will bear the responsibility for the harm they do by letting their culture determine their interpretation of the Bible, instead of letting the Bible determine their evaluation of their culture.

This book covers some difficult topics. I recommend considering other interpretations of the passages I dealt with, as long as they’re based on the details of the text itself, and not imposed on the text by the interpreter because of his culture. This book is intended to be both practical and polemical; for women, laymen, and theologians; and as a contribution to the battle of loving patriarchy against the increasing egalitarianism in modern societies which does so much harm to women.

I think you’ll see from these chapters, that I strongly believe in “giving HONOR unto [woman], as unto the weaker vessel,” 1 Pet. 3:7. I also try to interpret the Bible according to “the law of kindness,” Prov. 31:26.

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June 1
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