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For more than seventy years, The Spiritual Man, Watchman Nee's classic on spiritual growth, has helped believers advance in their pursuit of gaining Christ by showing them the way to let the Lord fully gain them. According to Nee, "The most frustrating experience of believers today is that in seeking for progress in the spiritual path, they do not find the proper way. As a result, they grope in darkness, being at times high or low, lingering around the crossroads year in and year out, and having no one to consult for direction. The author of this book was such a one. For this reason, the book emphasizes clear guidance on the proper path. Every chapter of this book is for the purpose of directing the believers on the right course. Therefore, all those who seek after God with an honest heart can go step by step accordingly. Almost every chapter begins from the position of the sinner and goes on step by step toward the peak of spiritual life." This is electronic book is the first of the three volumes of The Spiritual Man.

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June 1
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Customer Reviews

brebisaupâturage ,

the Spiritual Man Vol. 1

the Spiritual Man Vol. 1

Arthur Duren ,

The Spiritual Man

This was a life changing book. I strongly recommend this book to every believer is really has a desire to have a better walk and relationship with God and Jesus Christ. This is one of the best books I have ever read.

SashayB ,

Amazing!!! A Right of Passage from the Soulish To the Spirit Led Life!!

This book like all other Watchman Nee books I have read is authored by directly The Spirit without any interference by human thinking.
It is an awesome work that contain truth that I beleive can only be apprehended by those who are spiritually ready to progress to another level. It is an absolute neccessity for every believer who is ready to pass from the realm of the Soulish to that of the Spiritual.

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