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In this revealing analysis of the entire Star Wars film collection; conspiracy theorist Isaac Weishaupt explains the hidden occult messages that are the true agenda of the mysterious shadow group referred to as the "Illuminati." Weishaupt uses examples from the Star Wars films to breakdown the future goals of the Illuminati and the world they are attempting to create for themselves as part of their "evolution of consciousness." This is ultimately a ruse from the deceptive fallen angels and demons that we've been warned about... The Star Wars epic takes the audience through occult dogma with various lessons including duality and the battle between light and dark (explained through The Force), Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey," Aleister Crowley's beliefs in ritual magick through disembodied spirits (akin to the Jedi Masters), New Age founder Helena Blavatsky's & Adolf Hitler's belief in the Super-Man with latent internal powers, and the necessary destruction of Christianity as part of the future world religion. Transhumanism, Atlantis, global consciousness, destruction of the family unit, and many others lessons are wrapped up and hidden within the Star Wars tale; which are occult scripture being readily consumed by today's entertainment-obsessed masses. The planned deception of alien life forms and extraterrestrial depictions in Star Wars are paving the way for future rigged revelations of "evolved" alien entities that are truly demons in disguise... The veiled messages of Star Wars comes to the light as Isaac Weishaupt breaks down the truth behind "balancing The Force." How does one balance two opposing principles by destroying one side- the dark side?... Weishaupt will reveal the true intentions of George Lucas & Gary Kurtz and the Luciferian doctrine that guided them. Disney's four billion dollar procurement of the Star Wars franchise places them right where they desire; programming the minds of the youth to accept this future world which is a deceptive lie in which the followers are led down the Kabbalah Tree of Life and through it's dark center: The Abyss of Da'ath, symbolized as Darth Vader in Star Wars. Don't let the religion of Star Wars infiltrate and possess your mind without first considering the true teachings insidiously hidden within this Promethean tale of occultism...

July 9
Isaac Weishaupt
Digital Discoveries LLC

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