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Prayerful devotional meditations on The Way of the Cross. 

The Way of the Cross at Jerusalem, known as the Via Dolorosa or Via Crucis, marks Jesus path to his crucifixion. It has been the destination of pilgrims since the early days of the Church, and saints throughout the ages confirm that meditating on the Passion of the Christ is most fruitful. Fourteen significant moments along the way are marked by a "station," and meditating upon the stations enables you to make a pilgrimage to the moment of Jesus' Passion. Erecting stations in other places made the fulfillment of this devotion possible for those who could not travel to the Holy Land. One such Way of the Cross is located just outside Catherine Doherty's poustinia--her cabin, her desert. From the earliest days of her apostolic life, Catherine daily made this pilgrimage with Jesus Christ and his mother, walking with them, suffering with them, taking up the cross on the way to crucifixion and resurrection. Catherine's diaries, writings, and life brim with meditations, lessons, and insights gained from her spiritual pilgrimages to Golgotha. 

We offer to you some of these personal meditations from Catherine's heart during her pilgrimage along the Way, to guide you through your own pilgrimage to crucifixion and resurrection. This devotion begins with some of Catherine’s meditations that you can pray to prepare your heart and focus your mind before you make your Way, or to deepen your resolve after making your Way. Each station includes Scripture reflections, a meditation and prayer from Catherine, and common public prayers--accompanied by the wood carvings of the Stations that appear in the Madonna House chapel in Combermere. (We have also included an English translation of the Stabat Mater; its verses can be sung between the stations.)

"When it received the Lord of Life lifeless, dead, the tomb became a manger again, the birthplace of life. Its silence sang a requiem of alleluias. Its coldness became all flame and fire of joy--joy beyond desire. Jesus slept within the cradle of its depths the sleep of the One who conquered death. Alone the tomb became witness to the mystery of victory." -- from Station XIV

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