The Stone In The Road

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A heart-warming, emotional, secret billionaire contemporary romance set in Australia.

Recipient of 3 Readers' Favourite five-star badges, here is an excerpt from a review:

"How the heck do you even review a book like The Stone in the Road? It's a castle. IN A RAINFOREST. With a waterfall and lush surroundings. I'm still letting out bursts of squeals thinking about it. The bonus here is that Frances Dall'Alba knows how to tell a story. The highs were high and the emotional lows came dangerously close to ugly-cry territory. A scene between Patrick and his father was painfully, heartbreakingly beautiful. Another is where Patrick gives Kelly the most thoughtful gift in the history of gifts. And Kelly's secret, which was a massive twist. I loved, loved, loved this book and its expertly written sizzle, organic dialogue, a setting that is unreal, and because it now makes me want to go dance in the rain. Very highly recommended."

It's been eighteen months since Kelly Sheppard disappeared into the Australian outback. The guilt and regret she carries still won't leave her.

Newly arrived from Boston, Patrick Van Der Meeliko is working hard to get himself back on track — and succeeding. He can thank the Australian outback for healing him in ways his affluent and empty life in Boston could not. Kelly is his new drug of choice, and he can't resist throwing irksome comments her way to try and get her attention. If only it would work.

With men her last priority right now, Kelly does her best to ignore Patrick despite needing to work together. Kelly doesn't know what's worse — his lame jokes or his driving skills.

After Kelly discovers she's inherited her grandfather's property, she heads north. Patrick lands on her doorstep right when she could use the extra help. Amidst the hard work of untangling vines from the derelict castle, an astonishing history emerges and an unexpected chemistry ignites between them.

Until Kelly's parents turn up unannounced, and suddenly there's no room for Patrick in her life. Despite all the pain she's endured, pushing Patrick away hurts the most.

Patrick gets it, and doesn't stand in her way. He must travel his own road littered with uncertainty and doubt to find his rightful place. Once again, it's the Australian outback that heals him.

Could a chance find of a precious stone draw them back together?

February 1
Frances Dall'Alba
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

angie1229 ,

Slow journey

I enjoyed this story more than the Little Blue Box. This writer is not afraid to go to emotional depths and heights. It’s not my usual reading fare, I’m much more likely to read an action story, but this book also uses a time element to give context to the emotional journeys the main characters go through. And a happy ending is a wonderful payoff for the journey!

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