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Be it known throughout the land that the rightful heir to the throne of Crystonia will be the wearer of the Silver Breastplate with its four Stones of Light: The Stone of Mercy, The Stone of Courage, The Stone of Integrity and The Stone of Wisdom.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is conquering fear for the sake of doing what is right. 

A young Duende girl named Carling is in possession of the coveted Silver Breastplate, but the breastplate is only partially complete. The green Stone of Mercy, which Carling found on her first quest, is nestled securely in its place on the breastplate. Now, the Wizard of Crystonia sends her on her second mission to find the red Stone of Courage in the foreboding region known as the Northern Reaches. The assignment will be difficult because the stone is under the guardianship of a reclusive Tommy Knocker named Shim, who has no intention of relinquishing it to the young Duende girl or to anyone else. 

The Stone of Courage is the second tale in the Award-Winning Centaur Chronicles series. This book continues the compelling adventure that began with The Stone of Mercy as Carling attempts to gain another stone on her way to becoming the righteous ruler of Crystonia. In The Stone of Courage, Carling faces her fears in the form of the Tommy Knocker, Ogres and evil Heilodius Centaurs, all of whom attempt to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny to become the Queen of the land.

Immerse yourself in another fantastic adventure created by Award-Winning author M.J. Evans.

Young Adult
December 19
Dancing Horse Press
Bublish, Inc.

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