The Storm Seekers Trilogy Boxed Set: 3 Complete Novels The Storm Seekers Trilogy Boxed Set: 3 Complete Novels

The Storm Seekers Trilogy Boxed Set: 3 Complete Novels

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Publisher Description

Chris Kridler's Storm Seekers Trilogy, three complete storm-chasing adventures, is gathered into one digital set - three gripping novels full of adventure, drama, humor and romance. Though each book can stand alone, recurring characters and references make the boxed-set experience richly entertaining.

FUNNEL VISION, Book 1: Kansas photographer Judy Hale loves to chase storms, but at the heart of her passion is a fear she longs to quell, born of the tornado that destroyed her childhood. Devil-may-care tornado researcher Jack Andreas wants nothing better than to forget the past in his dangerously close encounters with twisters. After meeting on a chase, Judy and Jack have dueling destinies as they cross paths with Judy's flirty sister Shannon; clueless storm-tour operator Brad Treat; geeky, likable chaser Robinson Marvell; and a bevy of other storm chasers pursuing the violent storms of Tornado Alley. Their stories intertwine as they chase the monster storm that forces Judy to confront her deepest fears and Jack to find the courage to face the ultimate twister. With action, humor, romance and rapturous skies, "Funnel Vision" takes you into the heart of Tornado Alley -- and the hearts and minds of the adventurers who populate the nomadic, exhilarating world of storm chasing.

TORNADO PINBALL, Book 2: Just when TV shows about storm chasing can't get any more extreme, along comes a production company with the ultimate exploit: the Bubble, a manned tornado probe. As the reluctant consultant, expert storm chaser Jack Andreas must get the show's nervous star, failed tour operator Brad Treat, into a twister. But Jack is losing his customary cool as a comedy of errors unfolds. Distracting him is co-star Saffire, a Hollywood actress who is more than she seems, and producer Wynda, who will do anything to make her documentary succeed. The daring star of another show pursues them, desperate for a shot with his own flying machine. As the disasters mount, will Jack be able to launch their device into a tornado? In this second Storm Seekers novel, TORNADO PINBALL delivers an unforgettable adventure with action, humor, romance and stunning storms.

ZAP BANG, Book 3: For tornado chaser Jack Andreas, an invitation to a lightning study means double the danger. As he sees it, what's not to love? He's intrigued by the job and fascinated by pilot Maribeth Lisbon, who must fly a research plane into the zap zone. Maribeth suspects he's trouble, especially when his charms set off all her alarms. In their way are scheming TV chaser Brad Treat and down-on-his-luck adventurer Aurelius Zane, intent on filming a wedding in front of a twister. The eccentric billionaire who funds the study has a secret agenda. And a mystic with a food truck tests them all. As fearsome storms put them in mortal peril, Jack and Maribeth find their toughest challenge may lie within. The sequel to FUNNEL VISION and TORNADO PINBALL, ZAP BANG concludes Chris Kridler's Storm Seekers trilogy with action, drama, humor and romance.

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December 13
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