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The Story of Barack, Volume 1: Born Biracial (1961–1979)

A mother’s promise — that he could be anything he wanted to be. Barack Obama’s story, from a biracial newborn to the 44th president of the United States, is one of the most inspirational stories of our times. 

This three-volume series of attractive, interactive, Multi-Touch, e-books takes young readers along with Barack on his improbable journey — from his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia, to his introspective college years, to his work and life in Chicago, through the highs and lows of his extraordinary political career, and finally on to the White House.

The Story of Barack, Volume 1: Born Biracial follows young Barack on a most remarkable odyssey. The son of an idealistic white mother from America’s heartland and an ambitious black father from a primitive African village, Barack was born in the multicultural state of Hawaii and raised by his devoted mother and caring grandparents. As a grade school student, Barack moved with his mother to the exotic Southeast-Asian country of Indonesia with its diverse culture. Before he reached the age of 10, Barack had more remarkable experiences than most people have in a lifetime. 

Meet Barack’s ancestors; watch as his moral fabric is woven by his loving mother; discover how his early exposure to a variety of cultures profoundly influences his worldview; and share in his struggles as a teenager, wrestling with life-shaping questions about his race, identity, and purpose in life as the Civil Right Movement rages on around him. Come to know the inner Barack — his character, his values, his hopes and dreams — and discover why his story is undeniably the American story.

Young Barack’s life and times are described in compelling narrative and accompanied by more than 100 insightful quotations and more than 100 engaging photographs and videos.

Young Adult
December 11
IX Educational eBook Publishing, Inc.
IX Educational Ebook Publishing Inc

Customer Reviews

Shakkottai ,

Lots of information..

Very good book. Well written. Had lots of information, pictures and relevant videos. Thanks for sharing such wonderful facts.

A Caring Mother ,

Great photos. Very engaging and inspiring.

Lots of great childhood photos of our president! Very colorful and attractive design. Easy to read with many fascinating, little known facts. This inspiring, interactive e-book is highly recommended for young readers.

Beatrice Williams ,

Very good book!

Great insights into Barack Obama's early years. Wonderful pictures and fun interactivity.

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