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This enhanced eBook edition—containing more than sixty photographs and eight videos (including some exclusive, never-before-seen footage)—gives a vivid and up-close view of the lovable dogs, chickens, donkeys, and sheep of Bedlam Farm.*
From the acclaimed author of A Good Dog, Dog Days, and Going Home comes this eBook original—a poignant memoir that celebrates Jon Katz’s beloved border collie, Rose, and their transformative years together.
“I like to say you get the dog you need,” Jon Katz writes, “and I don’t think any human ever needed a dog more than I needed Rose in the fall of 2003.” That year, Katz embarked on a quixotic quest, moving from the suburbs of New Jersey to a sprawling farm in upstate New York to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. And by his side was Rose, his unswervingly loyal and unflappable new dog.
Whether herding sheep on the rolling hillsides, rounding up the neighbors’ stray cows, or rescuing lambs on a freezing winter night, Rose had a nimble mind and a great love for work. Never wanting to be coddled, she watched over Bedlam Farm with singular focus and efficiency, protecting Katz and his menagerie from wild coyotes and menacing storms. Yet Rose saved Katz in more ways than he ever imagined. As he struggled to manage the farm’s daily dramas—and continued to seek his true sense of purpose—Rose connected him to his deeper humanity and a more authentic life. 
With warmth, insight, and emotional honesty, Jon Katz has written a joyful remembrance of a one-of-a-kind dog. The Story of Rose reaffirms the profound bond people share with their pets, and the ways that animals indelibly shape our lives.
“Jon Katz understands dogs as few others do, intuitively and unburdened by sentimentality. . . . With wisdom and grace, he unlocks the canine soul and the complicated wonders that lie within and offers powerful insights.”—John Grogan, author of Marley & Me
Includes moving excerpts from Going Home, and from Jon Katz’s upcoming short-story collection, Dancing Dogs.
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August 6
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Customer Reviews

Denali321123 ,


This is an amazing ebook. Thank you so much for another wonderful story. The pictures and videos are incredible! Look great on my iPad!

Emenkcin ,

The Story of Rosé by John Katz

I bought this book for $3.99 on 8/6/12. It is on my book shelf but I am unable to access it. I won't be making any further purchases
Until I am able to read the book I have already bought. When I try to contact the App Store a pop up says it is unavailable, how con-

Jldoan53 ,


What an awesome, multifaceted experience this book is! The Story of Rose takes ebooks to a brand new level. Insightful writing, as always, from Jon Katz combined with his own thought-provoking photography make it a forerunner in the future of reading. His videos bring the story alive and put the reader directly into the moment. Everyone involved in the release of this book was responsive to initial issues and seemed to solve problems quickly. Encouraging in these days of digital "separateness"!
I have always loved Jon Katz's writing and have both ebook and hard copy issues of many of them. This latest adventure of his combines all of his rich and varied talents. A refreshing look at so many things; farm life, dog's relationships to people, sheep herding, hospice work, and a deep and resounding call to participate in life. Thank you once again Jon! For those who pay several dollars to download video games, etc.....this is an amazingly low price for such enriching content!!!

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