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Our intent is to bring a quest in knowing ìYOUî, by yourself in the form of the book The Story of You - Bio Computer. It is the first step in putting tiny wisdom through a lens of Spirituality, Science, History and Digital technologies. This book is for everyone, transcending geographies, organizations, governments, religions, languages, caste, countries, rich, poor, and so on. If you are not spending enough time to understand scientifically Who ìYOUî are then you are wasting your life, irrespective of whatever the position, power, role, status and wealth etc. you hold in the external world. You are an individual Bio Computer in a complex web -controlled by Artificial Intelligence and 10 programs through seven bodies of YOU. It is possible to change some of these programs, and other global programs that need to be de-clutched and configured to the right IP address. One of the purposes of this book is to make you realize intellectually that, as an individual edge device or Bio Computer YOU are helpless, and YOU must realize that there is ìNO YOU ì. That is when you surrender with true wisdom. This is a magnificent creation and evolved over billions of years. If you are not experiencing this creation and higher levels of Consciousness, you are just dying like a worm. Make use of the remaining few years of your life. Firstly, try to become awakened and live the life of an enlightened being while you are on this planet. Human beings are designed to be enlightened. Secondly this could be the last life on this planet for you. You are destined to move to the lower vibration or lower Consciousness realms after your death and you may have to park for a very long period till your heart is flowered. Hence, it is even more important and be prepared to go to Moksha or higher realms, when you leave this planet.

Religion & Spirituality
April 3
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