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Award-winning author Sarah Gerdes' meticulously researched book on Sue Kim, lead singer of The Kim Sisters has captivated music lovers, history buffs and fellow entertainment legends alike.

It is a story of a child growing up surrounded by immense privilege, losing it all to war, singing on the streets to keep her family alive, being discovered and literally coming to America at the beginning of the glamorous sixties. Ignorant of racial barriers, Sue led the singing trio, The Kim Sisters, to mainstages across the US, a first for an Asian performer. Then they broke the television barrier, appearing on every major network, and the Ed Sullivan show, a total of 22 times, a network record. After that came radio, movies, throwing out the first baseball at the MBL game and attending the premier opening of the very first Playboy Club.

Beautiful and talented, the musical prodigies played more than 20 instruments each, and sang in multiple languages. Sue was courted by Elvis and Sinatra, but saved her love for a boy from New York, who she married. He went on to become the longest running casino boss in US history.

Behind the glamour were addictions, loss and abuse, but Sue overcame all the odds, ultimately becoming the only Asian inducted into the Las Vegas Hall of Fame. Today, she and her husband live in Las Vegas, and are considered entertainment royalty.

Gerdes' book contains dozens of never-before seen personal photographs, letters and images.

"The best books come from true stories. It thrills you, terrifies you, and at times think it's going to kill you. That's Sue Kim's real life. I did not know of Sue Kim until I recently met her and her family. She is as kind as she is beautiful. Sarah Gerdes does a masterful job of telling The Sue Kim story, so if you like great, REAL LIFE stories with all the ups, downs, heartache, joy, & everything in between, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy."

Chuck Pryor, Producer and Executive Director,  Joel Osteen Media

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November 16
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