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One convenient package, three amazing reads to keep you up all night reading, laughing, and falling in love with the series readers call addictive and real.

Start with a fun movie star romance full of twists and turns that will sweep you away…

Falling for the Movie Star (Book 1)

A heartwarming, sweet and funny movie star romance full of twists and turns.

One picture. One tabloid. Two lives changed forever.

Finian Alexander is one scandalous tabloid photo away from catapulting his acting career onto the A-list. All his bad boy persona needs is an agreeable member of the paparazzi to give him a friendly boost. But vacationing out in the middle of nowhere, the only photographer he knows is way too scrupulous for her own good. 

Or is she? 

Hailey Summer is desperate for cash—so desperate that she's willing to do just about anything with her photography skills to save her family's cottage and keep her secrets hidden from her sisters. So when sexy and arrogant movie star Finian makes her an offer, Hailey can't resist. But does his proposition take things too far? And when their plans begin to unravel, will Finian and Hailey find the limelight too blinding? 

Next, move on to the second book where sparks fly between the determined second born sister and one burned out tycoon…

Falling for the Boss (Book 2)

One sexy, burned out billionaire. One spitfire graduate. One small island.

Tycoon Connor MacKenzie has it all from the penthouse to the world-dominating corporation. At least that's what everyone believes. Underneath it all, his life is disintegrating faster than a stock market crash.

When Connor's doctor forces him to take it easy and go deep into cottage country for some much needed R&R he lands on an old cottage veranda in Muskoka which lacks the luxuries he’s accustomed to. Maya Summer, a recent business grad, has been waiting for opportunity to come a knockin’ and not only has it arrived on her doorstep, but it’s presented itself in a very sexy package. However, despite Maya's best advances and proposals, Connor's strict new "no-work diet" has them both starving for much more than than just business.  Can Maya convince Connor to let her be his new right-hand business gal while gaining enough income to save her family's cottage? And will Connor, the workaholic, be able to resist her charms, both in and out of the boardroom?  

And finally, book 3 where the quietest Summer sister causes a stir when she steps up, finding her voice as well as a chance at love…

Falling for the Single Dad (Book 3)

One developer. One lawyer. One unexpected chance at love.

Years ago, cut-throat developer Tristen Bell had everything that ever mattered to him ripped away. Now divorced and living in Muskoka, he's shunning all that reminds him of his past and the unstoppable man he used to be.

Melanie Summer thought her law degree would help her find a place in this world. But when a big city developer threatens to destroy all that she loves—including her family—she finally sees her path. The only hiccup is that the man she needs—the sexy and stubborn Tristen Bell—refuses to do anything other than give her tender, knee-weakening kisses every time he sees her. 

When Tristen’s teenage daughter ends up in the ER due to the negligence of his former rival, everything changes. Tristen knows he can shut down the developer but it means resorting to his old, ruthless ways and showing sweet Melanie a side that may send her running.

With time running out to stop the developer, and their attraction for one another increasing, will Tristen and Melanie learn to love and trust one another in order to reach their happily ever after?

Find out in this light-hearted box set that will save you money and keep you flipping pages long into the night. Come get swept away! Start reading today!

The Complete Summer Sisters Series:

Falling for the Movie Star (Book 1) 

Falling for the Boss (Book 2)

Falling for the Single Dad (Book 3)

Falling for the Bodyguard (Book 4)

Falling for the Firefighter (Book 5)

November 14
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Oram Productions

Customer Reviews

Izzibear ,

Loved this series!

Love and Rumors (5⭐️)

“I was like an invisible soul no one had noticed for years. And then there you were. Seeing me.”

I truly enjoyed Love and Rumors. It’s a very sweet, funny and heartwarming tale. It’s about two people feeling like they have the weight of the world resting on their shoulders and them not wanting to let anyone down. About learning to open oneself up to other possibilities, sharing the burden and finding one’s self again.
Finian and Hailey partner up in hopes of solving both their problems. What started out as them using each other as a means to an end quickly develops into something more when love steps in.
Hailey tries to deny the attraction but the more she uncovers the true Finian the deeper she falls.
Just when she starts to let her walls come down Hollywood comes knocking and threatens to tear them apart.
The conclusion to Finian and Hailey’s whirlwind romance left me wanting more. I can’t wait to find out what destiny has in store for Maya.

Love and Dreams (4.5⭐️)

Maya and Conner’s story was wonderful. It was sweet, heartwarming and fun. The banter between the two had me laughing. Maya and Conner are so much a like that they are continuously challenging each other. What starts of as just a business relationship blossoms and grows into respect and Love.
Through their journey they both learn to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life. Conner gets in touch with his inner self and Maya learns how to connect with people.
I enjoyed their story and look forward to the next book.

Love and Trust (5⭐️)

I greatly enjoyed Love and Trust. I loved Melanie. She’s intelligent, brave and has a heart of gold. She also has a lot of gumption. Making a stand where most people would have backed down.
I glad Tristen came to his senses and opened his heart to love again. The two are perfect for each other. The also make a formidable team. That’s something they’ll need going up against the ruthless developers of Rubicore.
I can’t wait to read the final book and find out how the Summer sisters’ story ends.

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