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Can we be cautioned by experiences that are over 3,300 years old? It is said that nothing is new under the sun...perhaps those that proceeded us had changed that meaning.
This romantic novel takes place in the New Kingdom, Egypt, and will tell you about the unusual plans of a King (Akhenaten) in his own words. His beautiful Queen (Nefertiti) also writes to us. It brings to the reader their attempts to restructure an already old society with new thoughts and a new capital city. This King’s search is for the true meaning of the time spent in life and how each subject could be improved at every level. His secondary aim is to correct many former abuses.
Because the King dares to be different, to challenge the mystical traditions of the past through evidence obtained by him in the real world, he temporarily wins the hearts of his subjects. He nearly completes his envisioned plans for the nation that boasts of having 20,000 urban areas. This modern thinking ruler shows us a friendly side towards the common Citizens...but in contrast, he is highly defensive against those sinister plotters that attempt to damage his power and remove his throne. In this conservative view of him, there is war, peace, love, building, education, health, culture, adventure and suspense. Perhaps he is the first ever to develop civil rights for citizens.

Akhenaten (aka Akhenaton) is not only an exceptional and inquisitive King/Pharaoh, but one with a considerable courage and perseverance as he daily deals with his challenges, to include a personal handicap. The King struggles and moves beyond that painful distraction to help others. Yes, this timeless romantic novel will keep you wanting to turn the pages, faster and faster...to find out the final disposition of the main characters and the way that it might have been in those puzzling times. Modern details are woven from the start to the finish...taken from our known history of that King and Queen. Included is a practical reference to the internet at the end plus exciting revelations concerning the actors and a changing Egypt along the way. My novel will give you a fair view of a very early cultural revolution.
William Allen Perry 2nd, 2013

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November 13
William Allen Perry 2nd
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