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The earth was feeling abused and damaged by its human residents, so she called on Mother Nature to help her become healthy again. 

Mother Nature traveled around the earth to see firsthand the damage caused by the neglectful and indifferent humans, as well as the effects of climate change. She knew something had to be done…but couldn’t do it by herself. The only way to help the ailing planet was to release her special spirits, the “Power of Four,” and send them to Earth to grow up in human form.

Mother Nature’s plan had begun!

“Facing the Drought” shows why Mother Nature chose Arielle, Franco, Tara and Mizu for this mission and how they become the Super Sustainables. Find out how they discover their powers and deal with their first big challenge - the extreme drought in California.

Fiction & Literature
April 7
GY Creative Publishing
GY Creative Publishing

Customer Reviews

mLuLu-2 ,

Great musical book!

This is a wonderful book. I love the tag line "You can be a hero too." Such a great message for kids to learn how they can help keep the earth clean and healthy. The book is about 4 teenagers and their journey to discover the importance of water and the need to conserve it. This book will keep children entertained while teaching them at the same time.

The illustrations were well done + the songs inspiring. They will capture a child's attention and help keep them focused on the story.

Pppop111 ,

The best musical book about sustainability

The authors, Albin and Gonen are clearly speaking from their hearts about their love for the earth. THE SUPER SUSTAINABLES is filled with suggestions that engage, enlighten, and educate our children so they can ensure the earth will be healthy for future generations. Our planet and our children need this. Thank you for creating these heroes.

Perez de Sevilla ,

Glad I bought it!

A well written book with well developed characters for kids. It comes with songs for the kids to sing along. The book is filled with suggestions on how to preserve water. The story tells us about the drought in California and it's mainly focus on Santa Monica. It contains action, friendship, humor and very beautiful cartoons to illustrate some of the book scenes.