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Passion and intrigue make the Tremontaine Ball a glittering high point in this ongoing episodic serial set in Ellen Kushner's acclaimed Riverside universe.

Violent passions erupt at the Tremontaine Ball! 

A misunderstanding comes between Rafe and Will, while Micah threatens to expose Kaab's secret to her family. Diane's plans to salvage the Tremontaine name and fortune hang by a thread, and Kaab recognizes the locket sketched by Tess . . . in the last place she would have expected to see it.

This episode is brought to you by Joel Derfner, whose sparkling wit makes him the perfect party companion.

The Swan Ball continues the 13-part serial, Tremontaine, presented by Serial Box. This prequel to the cult classic Swordspoint is brought to you by the collaborative effort of a team of writers under the creative direction of Ellen Kushner herself.  

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Who's Who:

Diane, Duchess Tremontaine, a trendsetting noblewoman with a political mind working to stop her house's decline 

William, Duke Tremontaine, a handsome nobleman and frustrated intellectual trapped between desire and duty 

Ixkaab Balam, spy, swordswoman, and disgraced daughter of an important trading family seeking to redeem herself 

Micah Heslop, farm girl and brilliant mathematician trying to make sense of new opportunities 

Rafe Fenton, scholar, lover, and revolutionary struggling to change the world 

Tess –– forger known as "the Hand"

Vincent Applethorpe –– swordsman, protector of Tess 

Lord Davenant –– the Dragon Chancellor

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 9
Serial Box
Serial Box Publishing, LLC

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