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Megan Wallace wants three things: to make a living as an artist, to fulfill a promise she made her grandmother to visit the Boboli Gardens in Italy, and—oh yeah— for her best friend Brian Watts to fall in love with her. When the local library hosts an art competition, in which the winner will receive a one-year contract to paint in Florence, Italy, Megan sets out to make all her dreams come true.

Since Brian is a talented woodworker, Megan plans to ask him to make the custom frames for her paintings. She’s crushed to discover he’s already partnered up with Chelsea Chambers, Megan’s rival since art school. Megan is even more devastated when Chelsea sets her sights on Brian romantically.

The stakes are high and there can only be one winner. When the contest judges praise Chelsea’s classic style, Megan wonders if she should forego her own surreal painting style for one that’s more traditional. Brian urges her to be true to her talent. He also gives her reason to believe that maybe he feels more than friendship for her after all.

Will Megan have to give up her vision in order to win the contest? And if she wins, will she have to say goodbye to the love of her life?

August 31
Hatco Publishing
Susan Hatler

Customer Reviews

JJC Honduras ,

Two Besties find their HEA

I loved this book! If you like happy endings, clean sweet romances, this is a must read!

I think this book was aptly named, The Sweetest Kiss, because Megan had been in love with her best friend Brian for so long that it made their kiss that much sweeter than other kisses when it finally happened. Since reading the first book I’ve been waiting to find out what would happen in Brian’s story. He seemed like such a deep feeling lovable person. I really loved that both Megan and Brian were portrayed as real characters, both have emotional flaws and both having clumsy moments. It made them very endearing and easy to love.

Just like how Megan’s paintings were praised for the little whimsical details hidden in larger scenes, it was the little details in each scene in the book that made this story come alive for me. A forgetful waiter, clumsy characters, hovering bees, butterflies, dolphins, all you can eat pancake guy, how both besties knew what the other one liked or would do down to even the little things. The book was like this beautiful painting or garden, filled with memorable details that make you smile when you think about it later.

I think Janine needs to have a HEA!

Ellen/Oceanside ,


THE SWEETEST KISS #4 in the Kissed by the Bay series by Susan Hatler
You meet Megan a loser where men are concerned, you chuckle with her, as the last guy, even asked to be reimbursed for the coffee he spent on her. She wanted a sauve man from Italy, along with the art she loved. She enters a competition, the price a year in Florence, Italy to paint at the arts gallery. Brian who she has known for ever wants to work with her for the competition. Telling her she has never dated anyone that has deserved her. Even at the last minute, he knew her heart and what she really wanted to enter. Could that be the same Brian that makes her tingle. If she won, what about Brian he had abandonment issues. He won't date long distance, did she win a prize only to lose Brian and love. Enjoyable, amusing of how love works, who have been friends. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

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