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The beloved adventure story of a family marooned on a deserted island and making a new home in the jungle wilderness 

Off the coast of New Guinea a storm rages for seven days, violently tossing the passenger vessel holding a family of six about the sea. Left behind by the crew and other passengers of their wrecked ship, the family has no choice but to go it alone. They fill tubs with tools and provisions they may need to survive, and set off for a nearby island—devoid of people but teeming with lush natural life. Once on the island, they build themselves a home, complete with livestock, a small farm, and a sturdy tree house for shelter. In no time, the four boys and their steadfast parents learn to thrive on the jungle island, learning just how much can be accomplished through hard work, cooperation, curiosity, and perseverance.
First published in 1812, The Swiss Family Robinson is a rip-roaring adventure tale and an engrossing novel about self-sufficiency, responsibility, and the uses and wonders of the natural world.
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Young Adult
June 30
Open Road Media
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Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

Tentomushii ,

Reread as an Adult, not the innocent adventure

When I was a kid I remember watching the Disney Movie and then reading the book and just envying them for living in that epic tree house. But as an adult I realized that I could never in good conscience recommend this book. It seems that the Robinson family is out to shoot and destroy first and ask questions later, animals and the natives, all in the name of the Christian God. The island itself is like the ex machina of islands, but it's just the attitude of the entire family that made me realize how destructive they are to their surroundings. The father tries to pass it off as learning part of science, but some of the scenes in the book are just down right barbaric. The adventure of being shipwreck and surviving/living in a treehouse is fine, but the message as a whole is disturbing and I would only recommend reading this book as part of a literary study or just to see the mentality of the day, I do not recommend it as a young children's book. Maybe they should just stick with the Disney movie instead.....(the last part I was kidding)

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