The Taconic Tragedy: A Son's Search for the Truth

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The headlines that rocked the world now a gripping new book with all the details that kept the public intrigued. "Wrong way Mom Drunk and High". A heartwrenching account of a son's search for answers into the accident that took the lives of his father and brother along with five others. A case of deceipt, lies, and denials. Accounts taken from actual police reports, witness statements, depositions, and investigators.Takes a look at the failure of the justice system and the making of a cover up. An eye opener for all.

From the Author

It could have been any family that day, but it was my husband's and this is his story. 

The unsettling story of a weekend camping trip gone awry and the drunk and high "wrong way mom" who drove four children to their deaths, also killing her and three others. A chronological look at the four hour drive that terrorized motorists destroyed three families and captivated the public. 

The changing stories, the changing excuses, and the continuing search for the truth. 

"She had contacted her brother two hours before to say she wasn't feeling well" NY State police conference (7/27/09)

"A drunk driver did not do this to your family," Daniel Schuler (9/1/09)

Two years of constant contradictions and fabrications have eluded the truth and added to the public confusion of the conflicting stories. Now read the information taken from actual police reports, witness statements, and investigators reports.

A Message from Michael ... There is no greater pain than having lost my father and brother from the senseless act of a drunk driver. My love for my father and brother, Guy, will continue to be as strong as it has been my entire life. This book is not only about the horrific acts of Diane Schuler and the suffering that she has caused so many people but also about the added pain caused by those who fabricated stories about her actions that day. I was raised in an Italian-American family. My father taught me how important family is. I especially remember when he told me that my brother will "alwaysbe [my] brother" and that I should always be there for him--and that my brother would always be there for me. My brother was always there for me. In keeping the promise that I made to my father, I hope this book can in some way speak for my brother, Guy, and my father. They are two of the greatest people the world will ever have known. 

Michael Bastardi Jr.

Biographies & Memoirs
December 3
Dog Ear Publishing
Dog Ear Publishing

Customer Reviews

Jess1177 ,

Eye opening!

I was hesitant to read this going by other reviews I read, but I’m so glad I did. This was a very eye opening book.

Piper1223 ,

Bash Fest

These three men did not deserve what happened to them and I do NOT feel one ounce of sympathy for Diane Schuler BUT, this whole book is a bash fest!! The way they judged Jackie Hance made me sick!!! In my opinion, Diane Schuler was a closeted drunk and I truly don't believe her family knew anything. Then to judge Warren Hance's actions on that day? Come on!!! You can't judge that man's actions unless you were in his shoes!! He was only concerned about getting to his kids as quickly as possible. I am sorry for everyone that lost a loved one but this book was just in bad taste. Jackie Hance lost her whole world and didn't feel the need to bash anyone in her book..not even Diane Schuler!! Also, every chapter was a repeat of the one before!

bozziann ,

Poorly written

Poorly written. Run on sentences. It’s disgusting the way the author mocked Jackie and Warren Hance.

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