The Takeover Effect

The Singh Family Trilogy

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Hemdeep Singh knows exactly what he wants. With his intelligence and determination, he has what it takes to build his own legacy away from Bharat, Inc. and the empire his father created. But when his brother calls him home, Hem puts his dreams on hold once again to help save the company he walked away from. That’s when he encounters the devastating Mina Kohli in the Bharat boardroom, and he realizes he’s in for more than he had bargained.

Mina will do whatever it takes to recover control of her mother’s law firm, even if it means agreeing to an arranged marriage. Her newest case assignment is to assist Bharat in the midst of a potential takeover. It could be the key to finally achieving her goal while preventing her marriage to a man she doesn’t love—as long as her explosive attraction to Hem doesn’t get in the way.  

As Mina and Hem work to save Bharat, they not only uncover secrets that could threaten the existence of the company, but they also learn that in a winner-takes-all game, love always comes out on top.

April 2
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Customer Reviews

indigirlinDC ,

Excellent... almost

This review is mainly the result of feeling frustrated that a potentially amazing book had some really annoying flaws. 1) The first few chapters of this book were so terrible that I counted it among the worst books I’d read in a while. But I stuck with it because I loved Sharma’s first book (My So Called Bollywood Life) so much. And I’m glad I did. The cheesy, cliched and awkward writing and unlikable male character in the beginning of the book vanished and most of the rest of the book was extremely well written, with very likable characters and plot - exactly what I’d expect of Sharma and one of the best reads I’ve had in a while. There were points it slipped back into poorer writing (eg first sex scene - Hem’s dialogue was so bad! among other issues). But then there were other scenes that were so brilliant, like the confrontation scene between Hem and V (the arranged marriage guy). If I was the author I would rewrite the sections that needed it, get more a lot more input and editing, and release a much better version of this book - because it’s 85% there to being an outstanding novel. 2) Please fix the numerous typos and other errors! 3) A very off-putting quality of the main male character was how he constantly compared Mina to his ex. Not just when he was struggling with his past and how it affected her, but all the time, even at the end when he was telling her that she was it for him... something like “you’re so much better than...” Ugh, a guy should not pick the girl bc she’s not as awful as his ex, but because she’s amazing in her own right. The constant references to his ex definitely detracted from his character. 4) A slightly more upsetting behavior that I wish the book didn’t include was how Hem just ignored Mina’s wishes when she said no to sex. Seducing her and giving her multiple orgasms does not justify ignoring her refusals and is not in any way hot... sorry. All of the above issues felt worse because without them the book is sooooo good. I really hope the author can do better on these for the next book in the series and get more critical feedback to work out issues like these before publishing. I definitely want to read the next book in the series and hope it’s more polished.

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