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The Tale is a chronicle prepared by one of the greatest historians of the galaxy. It represents his life’s work and in the opinion of many of his peers, it is a study of significant importance to the history of the period. Moreover, what a time it was… Coalition starships routinely patrolled thousands of star-systems. It was an era of majesty, a time of euphoria. The self-assured citizens of the Protectorate were regrettably unprepared for what was to come. Everything they relied upon was about to change.
Deep space vessels find anomalies in the fabric of space, great tears in the dimensional walls from which rivers of deadly anti-life energy flowed. Coalition scientists have no idea that these are the first clumsy attempts by a race of hellish beings to free themselves.
The loathsome race of primordial demons was casting aside the shackles of their bondage. A species born of evil was about to be unleashed upon an unprepared galaxy. Humans struggle to maintain order in a congregation cast into chaos. Meanwhile, two of the most vicious races ever to grace the field of battle rejoice in the glory of the bloodbath. Violent space confrontations see the destruction of planets and the near extinction of entire races. The Protectorate tried to live up to its promises. They tried defending their coalition of worlds, but in the end, the forces under the command of the beasts crushed their mighty fleets.
A powerful ancient people had incarcerated these creatures of darkness eons ago. Unfortunately, their jailers have long since ascended, leaving the galaxy almost defenceless. Salvation then was down to the support of a sophisticated android and his sentient if unconventional starship. However, perhaps equally as important was the fellowship between a handful of brave companions who found themselves bound together on a quest to find one of the omnipotent guardians of reality.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 24
David Kingsley Evans
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