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Mild-mannered alpha JD MacGregor is every schoolgirl’s crush. 

All he wants is to stay out of trouble until the new alpha is chosen. But things heat up for Mac when he ends up looking for clues (and his pants) at a dinner party where the guests are far from innocent. 

The Talented Mr. MacGregor is a steamy paranormal mystery set against the backdrop of Tarker’s Hollow, home to the Curse of the Alpha series. 

It is also available as part of the Tales from Tarker's Hollow Collection #1, along with two other standalone Tarker's Hollow books!

May 28
13th Story Press
13th Story Press

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Acworth Von ,

Fantastic Read

This review is from: The Talented Mr. MacGregor: A Tarker's Hollow Mystery (Kindle Edition)
I rated this book Five Stars. I have read The Talented Mr. MacGregor three times within time space of one month. I can definitely say it's a Fantastic Book. It's a Fantastic novella of the series A Taker's Hollow Fate of a Alpha and Taker's Hollow Alpha's Curse. It's a part of Awesome Box Set Alpha's On The Prowl. I have enjoyed reading this book all three times the storyline is funny, witty, engaging, mysterious, imaginative and well written. The character's are smart, sexy, interesting, captivating and will make you laugh. Actually I have read a number of Tasha's books and each one has been a joy to read. This is a standalone book but you can also read it as a part of Alpha's On The Prowl.

JD or some of his friends call him Mac. Mac Macgregor is Hot high school teacher who teaches part time at the college and is temporary Alpha! Mac has been invited to murder mystery party by the department chair at the college. There are humans and werewolves all together at a murder mystery themed party that turns to a real mystery for Mac. It has just the right amount of intrigue when you think you have it all figured out there is another twist. WOW! You will never guest what's next! AlI I can say is it's very interesting mystery. You can read the other this book before or after the two Alpha series you won't miss a beat. That's makes for a Fantastic Read.
I Highly Recommend this or any of Tasha Black books to the LOVERS of Paranormal Romance with lots Mystery in it to.

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