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The images and symbols of the Tarot tradition have a rich and ancient history. I’ve been inspired by these images and here attempt my own photographic interpretations of the visual language that is the Tarot. For me this series attempts to deconstruct the symbol systems of the Tarot in an effort to understand the evolution of meaning attached to these images. In a time when it’s far to common to assume each photo we see has been digitally manipulated I strive to capture the scene as seen before my camera. In my studio I create theater and story telling for each theme, captured for others to find their own meaning and symbolic value. For those who believe in the mysteries of the Tarot they contain personality and attempt divination at the heart of each image. Combined they become a secret language and form of expression uniquely their own.

The Tarot Photo Project was started in late 2009 and currently includes forty-eight images. Every photo in the series becomes a portrait that tells the human story within each card. The current goal is to interpret the entire 78 image series and publish the complete tarot deck by the end of 2013.

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November 14
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Customer Reviews

Tinamariesebolt ,


I have a lot of respect that goes into the very thought process that wonders into the unknown creative mind of another, only to see through the imagination and bring forth the outcome

Scarlet in the Living Room ,

Not a book at all- crap.

This is someone’s terrible idea for a photo project, and it’s TERRIBLE and unfinished. Insults the Tarot, and my eyes.

Slingerswoman ,

Tarot Photo

I'm disappointed in this book... It doesn't show all the major Arcana cards... How can someone learn from these if they're not all there...