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Vance Hale has everything. A ridiculous amount of money, an Ivy-league education, and a 1,000-watt smile that can charm the designer dress right off a girl.

He’s also going to have a future that includes me—whether he wants it or not.

I don’t care that he’s trying to reform his playboy ways, or that he made a bet to go 90 days without the touch of a woman. I’ve spent the last decade planning my revenge and I need a partner in crime. This gorgeous, cunning man should do fine.

So, we strike a deal. I’ll help get him across the finish line and he’ll bring me into his world among the Cape Hill elite. Our relationship may be fake, but our chemistry is shockingly real. One innocent kiss and I’m struggling to hold up my end of the bargain.

Wanting him wasn’t part of the plan when everything else I desire is within my grasp. The only problem? Neither of us is any good at resisting temptation.

October 19
Shady Creek Publishing
Karyn Sloan

Customer Reviews

Notworthit654321 ,

Hail to the hales

Good ending book to the hale family. Appreciated a book dedicated to just Vance. I would love to read a book from one of the other families in the story. This series of books remind me of the dynasty tv drama from the 80s…loved that show.

luvtoread44 ,


I’m about half way through and struggling to finish. I really enjoyed the first three books in the series (Royce and Marist) and I was looking forward to reading Vance’s story.
It started out promising with a good mystery. What happened to Vance’s ex? Did she meet with an accident or was it foul play? But the story quickly devolved into a repetitive refrain of - he wants her, she wants him, he’s made a vow of celibacy, what will they do? It’s just…boring. There’s not enough chemistry to make this quick romance believable. I hope it gets better. If it does I will update this review. I’m not holding out much hope though.

Army Spouse ,

❤️ Sizzling 🔥

I have read each and every book of the Filthy Rich Americans series. This does not disappoint; in fact it gets better! I love how it ends with Vance. There’s some closure with the Hale men. The crazy antics of the filthy rich and how it all began with Royce and Marist.

When Vance is reintroduced with this own story, there is a side of him we did not see in previous books. Finally! He has his own book. Emery is a perfect, toe-to-toe match for the sexy lawyer. And he is definitely H O T!

They both have issues that challenge each other. Their chemistry is off the charts. The sex scenes are hot and graphic. If you love the “filth” this series is for you. Again, Nikki’s writing is outstanding. She draws you in and keeps you guessing and intrigued as to what comes next.


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