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An action-packed, young adult coming-of-age adventure, K. K. Perez's The Tesla Legacy follows a precocious young scientist named Lucy Phelps whose fateful encounter in the Tesla Suite of the New Yorker Hotel unlocks her dormant electrical powers. As Lucy struggles to understand her new abilities through scientific experimentation, she is thrust into a centuries old battle between rival alchemical societies.

One side wants her help and the other wants her dead, but both believe she is the next step in human evolution. Unfortunately, carriers of the genetic mutation—including Nikola Tesla—have a greatly reduced life expectancy. Even if Lucy can outrun her enemies, she can’t outrun herself.

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Young Adult
March 12
Tom Doherty Associates
Grades 8-13

Customer Reviews

rokinrev ,

One book opens another

“Liber, Librium, Aperit”

“One book opens another” is how the Latin above is translated. Lucinda Minerva Phelps, a techno geek/nerd is challenged by everything she knows when she enters High School from being home schooled for most of her life. In many ways, it’s liberation from her overly protective parents. In others, it seems more like an angst-driven Telenovela as her knowledge and emotions crash into each other. She’s over 18; she should have a better handle on life. Hopefully her friend Claudia and her boyfriend Cole might be able to help her navigate the last hurdles of school.

Trying to fix a scratched picture, Lucy finds a code buried within the background that sends her on the wildest ride of her life. It leads her to a secret too many people want to own, and it’s up to her to decide which ones she trusts. Even more so, can she trust herself?

This is a fascinating intersection of science, ethics, history, humanity and growing up by making deliberate choices. The story sent me looking up the life of Nikolai Tesla, and wondering if the premise of this book is grounded in more than fantasy. I came to the conclusion that reality might just have some electrical charge that we don’t or probably never will fully understand, and that a great story doesn’t have to have all the answers, but the questions need to make sense. In the case of K K Perez, they do. I can hardly wait to see what might come from this author’s pen. Highly Recommended 5/5

[I received this book from the publisher. It will be released in March 2019. I voluntarily reviewed it]