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Miss Judith Pengarden has a problem: her family is in debt, and soon will lose their home. What's a dutiful sister to do to save her loved ones from ruination? Why, steal a few items from an aristocrat's house--items he'll surely never miss--and sell them to pay her family's debts. Luckily for her, she meets Simon Montgomery, the new Earl of Cartwright, a recluse familiar with antiquities. He can help her keep her family from debtor's prison, and he might just claim her heart too. Except instead of stealing from Simon's neighbor, she breaks into the wrong house...

Simon is determined to change the way the world sees his family, even if it means he can no longer pursue his dreams of being a scholar to take on his new title. When a thief breaks into his home and steals a precious family heirloom, he vows to get the item back. The last thing he expects is that the girl he met at a garden party is a thief! When Jude is discovered with his possessions, how will she ever convince him that despite her deception, her love for him is the truth?

July 26
La Loma Elite Publishing
Christina McKnight

Customer Reviews

BayouBelle8 ,

“The Thief Steals Her Earl”

This book has an interesting plot, characters and storyline. I was really pleased at the caliber of writing until halfway through when attention to detail and misspellings became distracting, ie, referring to a landscape as a portrait, using the word grim instead of grin. There are other misspellings, and although they may be insignificant to some, they are distracting and stop the flow of the book. No book should have these types of errors, especially if you want readers to purchase more books. The author is talented but needs a really great proofreader attuned to content as well as spelling.

mvwpd ,

Delightful regency romance

I loved reading this delightful regency romance tale of a woman thief and the man she hopes will help her dispose of what she stole.

Kimbo1216 ,

Tough to ginish

So many things. This is one of the stories where I was just invested enough to finish. But the writing and repetitiveness was distracting. Instead of developing the characters, their relationship, this was one of those instances where we were told over and over the same things about these characters. No true development or evolution.

Could *not* care less
Duke/duchess =/= lord/lady. Only his grace/her grace.

And what is garret? Baron? Viscount? We’re never told. He’s just lord Garrett. But the sisters are all misses so viscount at most I suppose.

Just so many distracting things. Is anyway even a word that would have been used back then? Certainly not anyways as anyways is NOT a word. It’s incorrect slang and shows a lack of knowledge at its use.

I’m fast the entire book showed a lack of research and editing with the mistaken titles and word use errors.

And the cover has a blond when we’re told repeatedly that Jude has auburn hair—as in dark red hair.

The story is okay. It’s a good base but again, not developed enough.

The whole thing just fell flat.

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