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A young boy becomes best friends with a headless creature that endears itself to no one else and causes mayhem. But sometimes it is the oddest events that allow for new insights. Striking pen and ink style illustrations set a gothic tone for a fairytale style story reminiscent of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton.

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October 20
Mark Fearing
Mark Fearing

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ShaSha519 ,


The Thing with No Head had me laughing from beginning to end. Mark Fearing's imagination is full of surprises. The illustrations are so fun and detailed, I will be going back through the book to take in each page again.

This Kid Reviews Books ,

Hope to see more like this!

Okay, I will admit I was all over this one when I got a review copy – a weird, quirky picture book is the thing for me! I was not disappointed with it. I was happy to also find a nice story in the book. It is a story about assumptions and how they can be wrong – you can’t judge a book by it’s cover or a Thing by its head missing head. The story and illustrations have a weird, dark-ish feel to them in an Adamms Family kind of way, but on the other hand, the story is sweet. The black and white sketch illustrations are perfect for the book and the cover is awesome. Mr. Fearing has written a great story in rhyme about a kid who makes friends with a “horrid” headless beast. The boy and the beast have fun together and accept each other, even though everyone else is scared of the beast and want it to be gone. I think the book is a different kind of picture book – very cool! I hope to see more like this one from Mr. Fearing.

Kovalic ,

The Thing With No Head

I love this weird, wonderful little book. It’s a touch Gaiman-esque, with a hint of Edard Gorey. Mark Fearing is a terrific writer and illustrator, and it’s great to see him stretching the limits of what a good kids’ story can be: this delightful book is a little twisted, but at its core is a ton of heart.

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