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What occurs when the devil assaults your strength and remakes it into a weakness? 

J.D. “Danny” McCabe lived in a loving relationship with his wife for almost twenty years before the foundations of their marriage, family, and world began to collapse. Their marriage had always been rooted in the belief that trust is necessary in a healthy relationship. Certainly, Erin had always claimed that things wouldn’t, couldn’t work without trust. Yet one day, for reasons Danny could not understand, Erin developed suspicions of his every move. Phone calls, text messages, and work emails were fashioned into proof of infidelity, drug addiction, and a web of lies. 

She recruited her mom in her efforts, and together they forged the words of family, trust and honesty into a symbolic hammer and battered him into the ground. Their allegations amassed, twisting reality and ultimately resulting in Danny’s involuntary hospitalization. 

Danny was forced to the edge and was damn near ready to jump. Then, God intervened. Erin’s shocking revelation, her Third Gift, lit the blind spots in his relationship that Danny had never before been able to resolve.

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March 3
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Customer Reviews

Moonc101 ,

A dark yet blessed journey

I finished this book in less than 24 hours. The way he portrayed his story was inspiring. He shared the deepest, darkest moments in his life in a way that I could almost taste the despair. At the same time he managed to highlight all the moments of light and love that kept his head above water.

His goal was to show that men can also be victims, not only of the court system but also of narcissistic, mentally ill women. He obtained that goal with words that resonated with me.

Much respect to the author for overcoming such a horrid challenge in his life and coming out the other side able to hold his head high.

Illeana311 ,

A must read!

I discovered this book from tik tok! OMG, I started reading it at 3AM and didn't put it down, except to go to the gym for a few hours. But came back and read the rest. It's definitely one of those books that when you start, it's hard to stop. You find yourself going through various emotions with the author. I definitely recommend this!

gmsunshine1 ,

So sad so true. Men usually loose

Couldn’t stop reading because although so true. It’s mind blowing manipulation