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After being tortured to the brink of death, Sophie's carefully built life crumbles to cinders...

Cole is there to pick up the broken pieces, but her psyche might be fractured into too many pieces. Scarlett, Snow, Serena, Sibyl and more, are all swirling around inside one damaged mind, and Cole becomes uncertain whether the woman he loves will ever be whole again.

The couple decides to leave the USA for the wedding of Helen and Liam Larson (Sophie's biological brother) in Switzerland, and the romantic setting of a chalet in the Alps proves to be a perfect place for rest and recovery.

When an old friend tries to seduce Cole back into the world of architecture with the challenge to design a tower unlike any other, he refuses to focus on helping Scarlett heal. But when she encourages him to take on the project, and wants to participate, Cole decides it could be wise to start a new life far away from their chaotic past, on the other side of the planet.

Cole and Scarlett believe they have finally found a place they can call home. But with the truth about the death of Cole's parents out in the open, it turns out that some dangers can follow a person to every corner of the planet, and even the ends of the earth...

October 16
ThunderWords Press Ltd.

Customer Reviews

mykisme ,

Strangely suspenseful

This is not my usual genre. But I was captivated all the same.The only thing that seemed out of place was the prologue. By easily forgotten after I let it go.

I would read this author again.

Allustrial ,

Political BS - Ruined the story.

I overlooked the political comments in the previous books. I was disappointed because it distracted from the storyline, but the rest of the plot was good enough for me to continue reading. But, the political BS that was spewed in this one makes me regret spending the money to purchase it. If you love your country, and respect the office of the President, then don’t buy this book or support this author.

I hope the pot shots taken at the President were worth it to the author.

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