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Ric “The Equalizer” Drasin is a former champion bodybuilder and professional wrestler from the golden era whose career excelled inside and outside the ring. Ric was trained by legend Mae Young in 1965 and made his debut at the Grand Olympic Auditorium. He rose to claim many championships and become revered by others in the sport. 

In “The Time of My Life,” Drasin tells the tale of his successes -- both personal and professional -- with great wisdom and wit. He offers insights about the evolving nature of the sport and intriguing anecdotes of encounters with stars in the business. Throughout his career, Drasin has found countless outlets for his personal brand and expertise in fitness, nutrition, wrestling and bodybuilding. He trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger and designed the iconic Gold’s Gym and World Gym logos. He played the Demi-Hulk alongside Lou Ferrigno and even designed a fitness clothing line. Drasin expounds on the mental toughness, heart and dedication required to truly excel in this art, as well as the applicability of a bodybuilder’s mentality to parenting and other aspects of life.

At 71, Ric still stays in excellent shape and trains seven days a week. He has his own show, “Ric’s Corner,” with an ever-growing viewership of over 25 million, and regularly contributes to The Huffington Post. He is still accustomed to beating the odds, as he recently survived pneumonia and congestive heart failure and quickly recovered. 

Ric is an icon and a motivator to all of his followers in life and on his show. He inspires people to gain self-confidence and go beyond where they ever thought they could go.

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December 20
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