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Who we are, where we’ve been, and where we need to go now, to recapture the American dream
Now with a new Foreword by the author.
“The best presentation of the challenges facing the country—and the possible solutions—I've ever seen.”—P. J. O’Rourke
Tom Brokaw, known and beloved for his landmark work in American journalism and for the New York Times bestsellers The Greatest Generation and Boom!, now turns his attention to the challenges that face America in the new millennium, to offer reflections on how we can restore America’s greatness.
Rooted in the values, lessons, and verities of generations past and of his South Dakota upbringing, Brokaw weaves together inspiring stories of Americans who are making a difference and personal stories from his own family history, to engage us in a conversation about our country and to share ideas for how we can revitalize the promise of the American Dream. Inviting us to foster a rebirth of family, community, and civic engagement as profound as the one that helped win World War II, built our postwar prosperity, and ushered in the Civil Rights era, Brokaw traces the exciting, unnerving changes in modern life—in values, education, public service, housing, the Internet, and more—that have transformed our society in the decades since the age of thrift in which he was raised. In offering ideas from Americans who are change agents in their communities, Brokaw gives us a nourishing vision of hopefulness in an age of diminished expectations.

“Inspiring tales of how people from different walks of life have found ways to be of service to their communities and country.”—Walter Isaacson

November 1
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Customer Reviews

kthyregod ,

Read this book; it's important and time's running out ...

Dear Mr. Brokaw - I merely wanted to thank you for writing "Time of Our Lives". I am not an American (I'm a Dane) but I have been fortunate enough to have have lived in the United States of America a number of times.

"Time of Our Lives" is, I believe, an important book - basically for everybody in terms of understanding the past, present and hopefully the future of America and of being an American - but also for "reconnecting with what is the real life".

Having read "Time of Our Lives" gives me hope (albeit a risky strategy) that "we can actually make it work" - if we pay duly attention to our own capabilities and capacity as humans (and Americans).

When reading "Time of Our Lives" and reflecting on the hard facts in "Bowling Alone" by Robert D. Putnam it's easier to see what we've lost and must recapture. And "Time of Our Lives" - as far as I'm concerned - actually charts the course beautifully.

Thank you once again.

Best regards - Kristian (Kris) Thyregod (Mr.)

Papalong2 ,

Time of our lives

Being the same age and married the same number of years, I identified with all the transitions in the life of Tom Brokaw.i was fortunate enough to have a father who was born in 1888. I came along after his 25th anniversary. I had the good fortune of living with someone who was a living history book and enjoyed every minute of my life with him. Tom's book brought back many beautiful memories as I am sure it will do to anyone who reads his book. I too, once I leave my political office, plan to attempt to write my 'growing up story' I only wish I had Tom's talent for writing.

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