Publisher Description

A rollicking Tale as Tek gets a chance to revert back to his ten-year old self, and remake the "movie" of his life - in his most fantastical settings and character encounters imaginable. The Time Shifts allow Tek to experience a Fantasy version of The Wild West, The California Gold Rush, all hybrid-mixed together with Modernity, to create a journey Adventure of Peak life experiences to make his, and his followers’ movie remakes into blockbusters. 

The Story moves along with a compelling and titillating arc - leading to a universally wide-eye-opening and mind-blowing horizon expanding climax and conclusion that will spur readers to place themselves in the Story - and re-evaluate just what it actually means to be human in this world of ever-expanding personal and interpersonal potentially grand opportunities. 

It is an allegorical Tale that figuratively represents RelaVista : An Ultra-high-tech Master planned community in development that takes human nature and human passions, and mix-matches those human qualities with artificial intelligence to create adventure experiences that ultimately result in a brand new ‘RelaVistic’ culture. 

All RelaVistites - as they’re to be called - will get the Chance Opportunity of a Lifetime to ‘Fashion-Lifestyle-Remake’ the ‘movies’ of their lives at RelaVista - just like WestVillites do in the Story-Adventure told here. 

This Story is told in a highly unique original style that incorporates elements of two major types of poetry : The Lyric Poem and The Epic Poem. Lyric Poems sourced from Ancient times - as with the Ancient Greeks, and were originally set to music. Lyric Poetry has evolved over time and places, and often rhymes and has a certain meter or rhythm. 

Epic Poems are long narrative story-like poems that also have an extensive historical precedent. Epic Poems often involve aggrandized characters and themes - with heroes and running commentary as to the advancement of said heroes.

By combining elements of both Lyric Poetry and Epic Poetry - this Tale is able to accomplish a higher level of adventurous, expressive, and emotionally captivating storytelling than many other previous attempts at Stylistic Literary Embellishments.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 21
Brad Scott
Brad Scott