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Cowperwood moves to Chicago with his new wife Aileen. He decides to take over the street-railway system. He bankrupts several opponents with the help of John J. McKenty and other political allies. Meanwhile, Chicago society finds out about his past in Philadelphia and the couple are no longer invited to dinner parties; after a while, the press turns on him too. Cowperwood is unfaithful many times. Aileen finds out about a certain Rita and beats her up.

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January 1
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Hot and Cold

So, I generally love to read the classics, especially in the summer. It can be hard to tell the number of pages on ebooks but 1500 pages seems a little longer than average. The Titan was great in parts. It was wonderful to get a glimpse of business and politics when Chicago was a young growing city in the 1800s. This was probably Theodore Dreiser's greatest strength. He provided the reader with an insider's view. I have not read Dreiser's bio yet but I intend to. He must have been a player because he writes convincingly of Chicago business and politics.
Regarding the negatives, sometimes though rarely, a reader gives up on the protagonist. I found this happening to me with Cowperwood. At first, you are rooting for him with his struggles and problems. As the book progresses, I was sick of his disgusting ways. He is completely narcissistic. Cowperwood has very strange issues with women. He has two children in another state who we never hear about after the first part of the book. So he is probably an even worse father than husband. He goes through countless women and the last straw might be when he falls for a 16 year old girl when he is something like 52! In conclusion, an interesting story that gave a little too much information on the infidelity of Frank Cowperwood.

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