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The master of Metaphysical Romance is at it again.  Rob Ph.D., combining the spiritual and the sexual.  Totem Poles brings some Native American tradition into a new paradigm.  Now many people believe that the Native American Totems Poles were welcome signs or territorial signs to other tribes to mark the territory as the property of the tribe that placed the totem.  However, it is the Sexy Challenge believe that these totem poles were more of a spiritual representation of those that were worshiped by the tribes.  Sexy Challenges doesn’t stop there as we take these totem poles into the sacred sexual realm.  The phallic stature of the totem pole along with the division of the pole in sections seems to be a gift to the gods, a very special gift to the gods.

In this Sexy Challenge we share how the totem pole might have be directly related to oral pleasure for the male members of the tribe.  Helping their female companions have a road map to the pleasure that will allow their male counterparts to reach a higher spiritual level.  No matter what you believe most people agree that there was more to the totem pole than just a sign post.  So join Sexy Challenges as we share our perspective on the pure excitement of the totem people. 

***Note that this book was removed from its original position in The Big Black Book of Sex Positions because it was deemed too controversial by Cosmopolitan Magazine.   However, Sexy Challenges felt it was way too important to share with the great people out there so we are sharing it as an individual Sexy Challenge.  You’re Welcome!

January 31
Sexy Challenges
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