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The Tower: Shatter illusions

A medium connected to the dead woman.

A forced marriage.

And Caitlin Connor finds herself going toe-to-toe with not one, but two mafia families, who just happen to be fighting over the same parcel of land. They’re willing to eliminate anyone who stands in their way, including Cait and the women she’s trying to protect.

The police need solid proof for an arrest, and the only evidence  Caitlin, Jace, and Everly have is leads from Tarot cards, and conversations with a corpse—none of which are admissible in a court of law.

Until Caitlin faces the killer. And discovers a new dimension of her midnight energy. 

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 30
Amentino Publishing
Amentino Publishing

Customer Reviews

Sue Hanson ,

Fantastic Read!

This is the last episode in the Caitlin's Tarot series and another great Caitlin story that you won't want to miss. Watching her grow and learn more about her destiny with each new adventure, has captured my attention and I feel like I am part of her circle of friends. That's where L.j. Charles excels. She develops the characters in such a way that you feel like you have walked into the story and are there through the adventures. With laughter, mystery, suspense, and romance, mixed in with a little bit of magic and some Tarot Cards, you just can't go wrong.

I won't ruin the story for you, but I will say that you will definitely want to read these books. I love the fact that these books are written in three episodes so that we can get them faster, but if you don't like the book split up, the author has made the first book available in its entirety and this set of three episodes will become available in a set as well. If you do purchase them separately, be aware that you need to read them in order. They are not "stand alone" books.

If you haven't read the first Caitlin story, it is available in a complete set called Ceann. Do yourself a favor and grab them both. You are going to love these stories. I love all of the other books that L.j. Charles has written. The Every Gray series is great fun as well.

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