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Trap life will never be the same again once these illuminating street scriptures hit the streets and the jails throughout the nation. This classic urban literature contains timeless knowledge, wisdom and understanding with real stories from a young street hustler/up in coming rapper who reveals his own experiences of THE TRAP and delivers messages that honorable street legends like Larry Hoover might teach if he was still able to get his word out to the streets.

Ronnie Bo is a modern day Moses of the urban culture who comes in the form of a dope boy as Gods divine messenger. THE TRAP shall be revered by rappers just like the Bible is revere d by Christians.

Nevertheless, Ronnie Bo hereby insinuates that mainstream music overseers are participating in the government conspiracy to mislead black youths by prohibiting artists of his kind from clinching mainstream attention; implying that 2Pac was assassinated so that Jay-Z and other influential artists could take the spotlight and mislead our culture and that real n****z have been hindered from holding the preeminence that 2Pac had in the game ever since. Knowing that his music career would be hindered by the industry if he had taken the approach of attempting to enlighten the urban culture through his music, Ronnie Bo decided to provide us with his illuminating guidance through a bookTHE TRAP.

Ronnie Bo is a real street n***a with a lot of empowering nwoledge. I have read many great books in my lifetime from The Art of War to the 48 Laws of Power and I even wrote a book of my own but I could honestly say that THE TRAP is one of the most indispensable books that has ever been written.

--Pimpin Ken, author of
Pimpology: 48 Laws of the Game

June 26

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Blaze Burna ,

Good read

Dope book. I read the sample and got hooked and bought the whole book. Would love a audio version of it.

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