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It’s make or break time for John Dot...

John Dot, mid-life, depressive, aged 47, whose body has seen better days is whisking his long-suffering girlfriend, Olivia, away to Margate for a romantic weekend. For him, Margate will make or break his re-kindled relationship with Olivia. What could possibly go wrong?

Will John’s efforts to wine and dine Olivia get the desired results? Will their relationship survive a romantic weekend in Margate? Will this be a new beginning or the end of their relationship?

This is the first book, a short novel, in the Mid Life Backpacker Comedy Book Series. If you love laugh out loud, dark comedy and poignancy in equal measures then you’ll love Kevin Kelly’s incredibly funny and intimate take on a mid-life man’s misadventures as he makes his way through life. This is British comedy at its best.

Download The Travel Diaries of John Dot: Margate today to find out how John gets on!

Interview with the Author

The Author who is definitely not John Dot, despite being the same age, looking exactly the same and visiting the same places as John Dot, is called Kevin Kelly.

Q)    Were you a creative writer as a child?

A)    To be honest the most creative, I got as a child was forging my mother’s signature on my homework book. Sorry Mum.

Q)    Have you always wanted to be a writer?

A)    I have harboured the ambition to write a novel, since my mid-30s, which coincidentally is when I had my first mid-life crisis. But life and all its distractions got in the way, until now, when I have started to get my s**t together. Which is probably a good thing seeing as I’m now 48 years old.

Q)    What do you hope to achieve with your book.

A)    I want to entertain the reader, make them smile and hopefully laugh out loud too. As well as talk about issues that are normally hidden beneath the surface of modern life. Such as mental illness, mid-life crisis, the inner workings of a male, middle-aged mind and throwing in how a man copes with all this, whilst trying to keep things together as well as have a relationship on top of that. 

Q)    Why Mid Life Backpacker?

A)    John is middle-aged and I wanted to explore all the themes above in the context of John travelling to different places. Plus, I wanted to use my own experiences of the places I have visited and hopefully in due course, get some money back to pay for them. Along the way, I hope the readers will also find out a bit about the places John Dot, visits too.

Q)    So, this is the first of many books then?

A)    Yes, the next book, based on Thailand is due to be released Tuesday 12 September 2017 and I have several more books planned.

Q)    Are you, John Dot, then?

A)    Ok, that’s a stupid question, from a stupid interviewer. John Dot is fictitious. My agent warned you before the interview if you raised that question, then the interview will end……. 

Q)    I’m sorry, John, I mean Kevin, please come back and finish the interview…… Please, I promise not to ask the question again…...

Download The Travel Diaries of John Dot: Margate today to find out how John gets on!

June 29
Kevin Kelly
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