#2 - The Book of Eleanor Series

The Traveler: Chimera Revolution

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Shannon Nemechek comes a brand new series "The Traveler" will take you on an EPIC adventure through time.

Picking up from Chimera Rebellion's cliffhanger ending, Chimera Revolution takes Katie and Colm on a trip through time to 1779 Savannah in the midst of the American Revolution, where they are plunged into a world of spies, magic, and to face an old foe. As they attempt to protect the book, Katie seeks out someone to tutor her in magic as the noose tightens around them an ancient friend appears to guide them but is this new friend truly friend or foe?

Secrets reveal themselves as Colm must decide which side he is on. He must confront his great-great-grandfather and convince him that life without Eleanor is possible, and to fight on the right side of history all without revealing the future and keeping him alive in the process.

Danger is around every corner~unsure of who to trust the pair must rely on their knowledge and wits; as they attempt to keep the book from those who seek to destroy it and to destroy them.  The journey they embark on is a very different—and a vastly more dangerous one.

Can they protect the book and save themselves or will the prophecy be fulfilled?

***Due to the nature of the storyline (war, romance, and witches, etc), this story comes with a warning for adults 18+ Due to violence, cursing, and sexual situations.     

The Book of Eleanor Series

~ Book 1: Chimera Rebellion 

~ Book 2: Chimera Revolution ~ June 2020

~ Book 3: Chimera Rising ~ Dec 2020

~ Book 4: Chimera Requiem ~ June 2021

~ Book 5: Chimera Reign ~ Dec 2021

~ Book 6: Chimera Resistance ~ June 2022 

~ Book 7: Chimera Rivalry ~ Dec 2022

~ Book 8: Chimera Reclaimed ~ June 2023

June 19
Shannon Nemechek
Draft2Digital, LLC

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