The Tree The Tree

The Tree

& the Panzaic Plea

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This book of fiction raises one likely possibility for the immediate future given recent history. It also considers the idea that at some point everyone wonders what is the meaning of all this stuff surrounding us the earth, the solar system, the universe and time? Is it all meant just for Homo sapiens? This author explores the best answer that science and/or faith can deliver at this moment. It is the answer that you most likely would have arrived at if you had decided to become a scientist as an occupation and a novelist/philosopher as a preoccupation.

It starts with what we know about this planet, its flora and fauna including that special species, Homo sapiens, where the metaphor of the vanity of Don Quixote versus the humility and reality of Sancho Panza is used. In this context we can examine ways to enjoy life given a healthy respect for our limitations. It helps explain our cultural successes/failures and helps us come to terms with what we are.

It is a thriller novel designed to make the philosophy palatable. As such, it should be entertaining and intellectually satisfying. This 2nd edition is condensed for easy reading.

In a word this book is provocative.. I think its ideal reading for book clubs because it forces you to think about mans role in the universe(s) and so much of the middle portion is an ideal source for discussion topics. If you like science, read it. If you dislike science, read it twice. - N. Johnson (Seattle, WA USA)

The author insightfully contemplates the essential meaning of human life from a scientists point of view while rehearsing the progress of mankind through the historical record by telling the life story of one individual. He points to an inevitable conclusion that is eerily contemporary. - Rev. Ken Snyder (Maui)

Brown cooks up a scenario which I first thought as too fantastic; but when I reflect on the present state of the world, and the possible consequences of the proliferation of nuclear arms, the scenario becomes believable and scary. I could relate to much of the story; I will be more vigilant on my next hike in the Cascades. A very readable yarn. - Ramesh Gangolli (Seattle, WA)

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December 22

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